Friday, April 16, 2010

Print on Demand (POD) model cdDVDfulfillment is a service very similar to the print on demand (POD) model for book publishing.  Instead of printing books, we burn, package, and ship cds or dvds directly to your customer.  We produce the cd or dvd on demand, at order time, in any quantity, and ship directly to your customer to anywhere in the world.

This "burn on demand" or "manufacture on demand" cd and dvd fulfillment will save you money by avoiding the hassle of buying large quantities of inventory that may grow stale.  You do not need to warehouse, produce, ship, package, or deal with shipment issues.  This saves you money, especially if you're not sure what kind of demand your product will enjoy.  If your product changes, you existing inventory becomes obsolete.  This is not the case with burn on demand services like ours.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is cdDVDFulfillment better than CD Baby?

CD Baby is a large online distributor of independent music. They do sell and distribute music, and have a large following, but charge more per order than cddvdfulfillment. is like CD Baby in that we want you to make as much money as possible on your music.  We can keep our costs low because we do not have distributors and do not have to pay any major labels.

We sell the music that musicians send us directly, or upload to our servers.

These days, most musicians have a myspace or facebook page.  Just put a paypal button on your site to sell your music.  The orders from paypal come into our system and we make and sell your music cd at order time and ship it out to your customer anywhere in the world the same day, or next day.

We can help you get your music on iTunes.

Unlike CD Baby, you take in the money first when working with  With CD Baby, they take the money, take out a fairly large cut, then give you the remainder.  While they do pay you more than a major record label, at, you are in control.    You can charge whatever you like for the cd, and simply pay us the fixed cost for (about $6.20 for a cd, in jewel case, with graphic 2 panel insert, shrink wrapped, in bubble mailer, INCLUDING postage to any USA address -- costs a little more to ship overseas).     You can also buy multiple quantities at a discount if you sell your cds on the road or at your gigs.

Our site is fully automated, and if you have questions, we respond to voice or email within a 24 hour period.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How do I make and exact copy of my Audio CD.

This is a confusing topic.  If you have an audio CD mastered just the way you like it, and you want us to copy it exactly, you need to make an image file of your CD, or you can send it to us in the mail and we'll do it for you. Learn More about our $5.00 easy setup

If you're not concerned about making an exact copy, but just want it to work on audio cd players (which will also work on all computers, all car cd players, and most dvd players), you can simply zip up your .mp3 or .wav files and use that to make the disc.  This works perfectly well, but some people want to have an exact copy to preserve cd-text information already burned on their original cd master.  If you do not know what this is, you probably don't need to make an exact cd copy.  To learn more about setting up your basic project for audio cds, look at our video Audio CDs (on

To make an exact CD copy, you have two choices:

1) If you want us to do this for you, we charge a one time  $5.00 per disc setup charge.  Learn More about our $5.00 easy setup

2) Or, download and purchase Roxio Creator 2010 or later  to make a .gi image (global image) file.  Get Roxio Creator

  •  You will make a .gi file (details below)
  •  You will upload that .gi file to your web server
  •  You will login to and update your project.  Set the download URL to the .gi file you've uploaded to a web server.

How to make a .gi file using Roxio.

1) Launch the program while your CD is in your CD player
2) In the left column (2nd button) click Data/Copy
3) There is a Create, Backup and Copy section on this screen.  Go to the Copy section and choose "Copy Disc to Image"
4) Copy From: should select your cd/dvd drive that has the CD you want to make the copy of.
5) Choose the Image location:  Browse to somewhere on your computer where you will store this .gi file so you can zip it up later.  We suggest making the folder c:\GIFiles and place them all there
6) You'll want to click the browse button to pick your c:\GIFiles folder or whatever you decide.
7) Before you click the save button, give your file a name such as "Disc1".
8) Save as type: must be set to "global image (*.gi)"
9) Once you click save, click the green right arrow button to start the process.
10) Once finished you've made an exact digital copy of your cd.

Upload that .gi file to your server, then specify that URL in your project. Important:  Your project should be set as a Data CD even though it will end up to be an audio cd.  This is because the data from the .gi image file is used to burn instead of mp3 or .wav files.  In the end, it will be a true audio cd, but the project must be set to data cd so we burn it correctly.

Note: .gi files are for audio cds.  .iso files are for DVDs or Data CDs that are not audio cds.
cdtext, cd-text,cd text

How do I create or check CD-Text on my audio cds

CD Text. Learn about it on Wiki cd text

If you provide a .gi image file of your cd, we copy the data bit for bit (exactly). This includes your cd text and title text.

If you provide a zip file with .mp3 files or .wav files, we burn them using your project name as the album title and your file names as the track names.

CD Text can be used to populate internet databases that programs like iTunes and Windows Media player use to identify an album.

You need to upload the track and CD title information to the free service at  You can also add this data on your own computer through iTunes.  Then the titles of the tracks and the CD title will appear when the CD is uploaded on any computer to iTunes or Windows Media.

To view the CD-Text on any cd you have, including those we make for you, you need a free program like audio grabber. or Audio Grabber Free download

Once installed, you will see a screen like this, but your CD-Text will not be displayed yet.  Look below for details:

By default, album and track titles are “grabbed” from internet databases such as freedb. Important: To check your discs CD-Text data, choose the menu setting “CD-Get Track Names from CD-TEXT”

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We produce your CD or DVD at order time.
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