Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Drop ship to Amazon. Restock for Amazon Advantage

Amazon will tell you to print and include a special label and enclosure when sending product for amazon advantage fulfillment services.  In actuality, it's what they would prefer but it is not actually required.  They do accept packages from us.  Just be sure to include your PO#.

Many of our customers send product to Amazon.  NONE of these packages have been returned to us!

Simply list your PO# as part of the address and include the PO# and any other information in the "special Text" area of the order form.   As long as you order with tracking, you can show that the package was delivered.  Order standard + delivery confirmation, Priority, or Priority-Express  to get tracking.


Amazon advantage PO # V1155xxx, LLC Inventory
710 S. Girls School Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46231

Fill out the TrepStar order form which will look similar to this:   Put the PO# in the Name field:

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