Sunday, February 9, 2014

Upload ALL of your files to TrepStar Free of charge.

Until now, you could only upload up to about 700MB directly to the TrepStar project.   If your file is that size or smaller (CD content, or artwork .jpg etc.), you SHOULD upload to the TrepStar Project.

However, if you have a DVD you want to publish, you had to upload your content to your server or something like Amazon S3 (which costs money).  Create the ISO image file of your DVD

We decided to open up a public FTP folder on the TrepStar server.  This means you can now create your dvd .iso or .zip file, and upload it via FTP to TrepStar free of charge.

To use this for your project.
  1. Login to Trepstar
  2. Click on your project to edit it
  3. In the disc data file area, click the green upload button.  There are instructions there that show you how to upload your file to the public TrepStar FTP server.
You no longer need to upload your large file to your web site server, or pay for space on Amazon (or other file services).   We offer this service free of charge.

It's best to upload your .jpg artwork to the TrepStar project and if you have a CD project, upload the .zip, .exe, or .gi content directly to the TrepStar project since this will be within the file size limit.

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