Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TrepStar does add CD Text when burning audio cds made from .wav or .mp3 files

If your project is set as an audio cd, and you have a zip file of wav or mp3 files, during the burn process, we set some CD Text.

We use your publisher name and file names to create the text

The most important thing you should do when naming your mp3 or wav files is to start them out with a number.   You must use leading zeroes if you have more than 9 tracks or they will sort wrong.  We burn them in alphabetical order.

10track.mp3 sorts BEFORE 9track.mp3.  But, 09track.mp3 properly sorts before 10track.mp3.

When we add CD Text to the disc, the most important one is the CDTrackTextTitle.  That is used by some software to display the track title and any related cd text information.   

Good file names for tracks are:
01 Water falling on stones.mp3
02 Door opening and closing.mp3
09 Wind blowing through trees.mp3
10 Some other sound.mp3
11 Goodbye.mp3

Less desirable file names (based on the title text we make) are really long and out of order like:


First of all, you'll notice the tracks will burn in the wrong order.  They are listed alphabetically above, but you can tell the publisher did not want them burned in that order. Our system is automated, so to avoid ambiguity, we sort alphabetically with no exceptions. 

Finally, the file names are too long and confusing.  Long and confusing names are fine if you don't care about the CDText.    The reason it's not important to most is because the audio cd is normally just played, and the track information is never seen by anyone.   

If you have a lot of short sound files in your cd, the CD text for the title of each track will be truncated (shortened).   You don't have to worry about this unless you are very concerned about the CD Text.  There is a 2000 character limit for all track titles. 

For example, imagine you have 60 short tracks in the zip file.    For 60 tracks, the limit is about 33 characters for the CDTrackTextTitle.   This is because 2000/60 = 33 characters per track.   

This means the CDTrackTextTitle for a file named "track-10-sound-flokk27-Helicopter-plus10secsilence-1p40-1-minus40"  will be shortened to "track-10-sound-flokk27-Helicopter"

Your disc will still burn just fine with the long track names.  Our software simply truncates the CD Text to make it work.   We are mentioning this just for those of you concerned or interested in CD Text.

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