Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Delete or Remove Projects

We may delete a project if you do not submit an order within 6 months.  We send you a warning email before we would delete any of your projects.  To avoid project deletion, please order a copy at least once every 6 months.   In addition, when you login to TrepStar, you will be notified of any projects that are at risk of deletion.

This service is not intended for users to create a project to make a single order.

Paypal IPN Integration (instant payment notification)

Do you take customer orders using Paypal? Do you want to integrate with TrepStar.com so you don't have to type in customer orders?   Learn How Here

Monday, November 2, 2009

Do we get a credit if customers return cds or dvds to you for refunds?


However, most of our competition simply throws away returned product without notifying you.  We open returned packages, and email you, the publisher, to let you know a customer returned a product for one of two reasons:  1) A bad address, or 2) The customer refused the package.

It costs us much more in labor support costs to handle returns than it does to ship anything out initially with our automated system. We may keep it around for extra inventory but we do not credit your account since we already fulfilled the order, dealt with returns, printed postage, incurred handling costs, etc

TrepStar.com cdDVDfulfillment FAQ Help and Search

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We produce your CD or DVD at order time.
These "On Demand", "Just in Time", "one off", "short run", CDs or DVDs will be mailed directly to your customers within 24 hours, and shipped to anywhere in the world.