Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are there fees applied if we do not place any new orders for an extended period of time? Inactivity fees?

We don't have monthly fees, but you will need to order at least one copy of each of your products once every 6 months or sooner.   If you do not have any sales within any 6 month period, the project will be deleted.

We delete projects if they had not had a sale at least once every 6 months.  You will be warned by email but you must make sure to read our email and make sure they are not going into your spam folder.

To make sure your product does not get deleted, you may order product once per six months, or use our $2.00 project activation service which keeps your projects active for another 6 months (lower cost than ordering product).

NOTE: If you have a lot of projects (over 25), we may require you to use our product activation service or order a copy sooner than six months.   Storing lots of data on our system is costly so we can't have publishers with hundreds of Gigabytes of storage space with low or no sales.   Only by ordering product can we make any money.  You'll see that storing your data on a cloud service like Amazon S3 is much more expensive than what we charge.

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