Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are there fees applied if we do not place any new orders for an extended period of time? Inactivity fees?

No. We don't have any monthly  fees.

However, we're in business to make money. If you only plan to take one or two orders of your project cd/dvd, we are probably not the service for you.

Our service is not optimal for someone to publish a disc once.  It takes too long to download, store, and test the first disc made.  

This service is for people who plan to make one or more projects and sell multiple copies of each on a repeated basis.

If you have over 75 projects, when you click the add button, there is a 1.99 new project fee.

If you have black backgrounds on your disc images, we charge an ink surcharge of 20 cents per disc  to cover added black, heavy coverage ink costs (yes, ink costs us that much).

If you stop using our service, there are no refunds and we expect you to pay your final bill if there is an amount owed.

We will delete projects when no orders have been placed in 6 months.

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