Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If I wanted to start today, I would not have to pay anything up front?

There are no fees up front. There are no account or project setup fees, provided you use our automated online system.  If you choose send in a disc for us to setup, instead of preparing the files yourself for free, we charge $5.00.

There is no setup fee for the first 75 projects you create. However, if you need more than that, we charge a small $1.99 data storage, download, and setup fee. It costs a lot to store, test, and manage many projects that may likely have very few orders submitted for each.  Most customers have only one or two titles (projects) so this fee only affects a small number of our publishers who have a lot of titles.

If you plan to make DVD projects, or you just want it simple and painless and want us to do it for you, simply send us your disc (include your project# printed on the disc).  If your DVD is larger than 2GB, you should consider using our free public ftp folder  or use Amazon S3

DVD setup fees, and other custom support fees are $5.00 per disc.  This is a one time setup fee. Again, if you can use our free automated online system (the website), there is no setup charge*

* Our service is not optimal for someone to publish a disc once.  It takes too long to download, store, and test the first disc made.

If you have black backgrounds on your disc images, we charge an ink surcharge of 20 cents per disc  to cover added black, heavy coverage ink costs (yes, ink costs us that much).

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