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What you should do when your product is first approved.

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NEXT STEP: If this is a new project, and/or you're not yet familiar with how this works, login to www.trepstar.com, click  the order button, enter your address, and order a sample copy for yourself. The following are several useful guidelines:

  * We strongly urge new publishers to submit a single quantity sample order to their own address to make sure they are satisfied with TrepStar quality and service:  As per our license agreement http://www.TrepStar.com/license-agreement.asp and several other warnings including this one, remember there are normally no refunds for any reason.  Because we are an on demand service, any orders you submit can not be cancelled since we'll be making your cd/dvd right away.

  * When you receive product in the mail, please test it in as many devices as possible.

  * The next order we receive for this project (from this email forward) will trigger our system to manufacture the product with the currently approved settings.

  * Ordering the product triggers our system to download the burn files and artwork (usually only once).

  * We make the disc only when an order is submitted (to save on resources).

  * If you never order product, we never attempt to download the files, artwork, or attempt to manufacture the product.

  * Warning: Errors CAN occur after a project is approved if there are errors in the burn files or if we have problems printing artwork.

  * IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS with the new project, we do not ship anything until project errors are fixed (this could take several days and often requires your cooperation).

  * If there are manufacturing errors, we let you know by email, and explain how to fix them.

  * Warning: A project may burn without burn engine errors, but if there are any flaws in your original .iso file or project files, those errors will be present in your final product. In other words, we burn exactly you give us. Please test what we send you before taking lots of customer orders.

  * On a positive note, it's most common that no burn errors will occur, especially if you're familiar with our system.  Nevertheless, we encourage you to order a copy for yourself whenever you add a new project or make changes to one.

  * We recommend you leave your artwork (.jpg) images online because it makes the TrepStar user interface work more smoothly.

  * If you choose to have the first order sent to your customer (regardless of shipping method), you should understand there could be delays before we're able to get the disc made and sent to the customer if any errors occur.

The most common problems are:

   1) You are trying to make an audio disc but the play length is over 80 minutes.

   2) Your .iso image file did not burn correctly.

   3) The files do not fit on the disc (too large) 700MB for CD, 4.7GB for DVD.

   4) You have a multi-disc set and one of your discs files has any of the above problems.

   5) The disc graphic didn't print the way you expected (sometimes parts of the graphics are trimmed in areas you did not expect).

In some of these instances, we may require you to send us a copy of the disc(s) by mail. We charge a $5.00 setup charge per disc. Learn More: http://www.TrepStar.com/easy-dvd-cd-self-publish-setup.asp

Absorb some of the Retail Order s/h charges

If you use the TrepStar retail order page, you may now change the amount of shipping/handling your retail order customer pays.

Lowering the amount the customer pays for shipping and handling will increase sales.   You may now absorb some of those fees from your net proceeds. In other words, set your retail price up a few dollars, and set your cart settings to absorb a few dollars in shipping costs (so your overall net proceeds remain the same). Click here for more information.

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