Friday, August 16, 2013

Computing Retail order page costs

If you use the TrepStar retail order page buy now buttons, we handle collecting money from your customer.  We give them shipping/handling options and they pay that extra amount. Click here for detailed information.

For example, if you wanted to sell your product for $20.00, the following table shows you how much you would receive in net proceeds:

Example TrepStar Retail Order Page Net Proceeds Calculation:
Your currently set retail price for this product is $20.00. Based on this price, your retail order net proceeds will be:
Retail Price:

The retail price you set from within your project. We charge the customer this plus shipping/handling.

Your customer chooses a shipping method during the purchase process. We add that amount to your retail price to cover our shipping/handling costs so you don't pay them (your customer does).
Manufacture Cost:

The amount we charge you, the publisher, to manufacture this product (as currently configured).
Process Fee:

5.00% of $20.00. This covers the fees we are charged by our merchant provider.
Net Proceeds:

This is the amount TrepStar will owe you. You pay manufacture cost, and process fee. Your customer is charged extra to cover all shipping & handling.

When your customer is purchasing the product, the 2nd screen asks them to pick a shipping method.  They will pay this amount in addition to the retail price of 20.00

On the next page, it shows a summary of charges.  Notice how the customer is charged for s/h

In the end, the customer pays $23.23 for this product which covers shipping/handling.  As the publisher, you pay the manufacturing cost plus transaction fees (which we are charged as well and are passing on to you). cdDVDfulfillment FAQ Help and Search

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We produce your CD/DVD/USB Flash drive at order time.
These "On Demand", "Just in Time", "one off", "short run", CDs or DVDs or USB thumb drive products will be mailed directly to your customers (normally the next business day), in any quantity, and shipped to anywhere in the world with a USPS address.