Thursday, October 14, 2021

Why doesn't TrepStar offer dual layer 8.5GB DVDs?

TrepStar does not offer dual layer DVDs (DVD-9 8.5GB). Even the best blank dual layer media (as of this writing 10/14/21) often fails during the burn of dual layer discs. 

Our research shows that up to 20% of the burns are bad, and a fair percentage of DVD players are incompatible with even the best burned dual layer discs. This is why we do not offer them. It would cause too many support issues and costs for us, as well as refund requests from your customers. 

We suggest you re-author your DVD into two discs, or use compression software to fit your larger source DVD onto the single layer DVD-5 (4.7GB) DVDs that we offer. 

You might want to consider purchasing 1Click DVD Copy PRO. We do not receive any affiliate commission or money from 1Click. We've worked with them before and we trust their software and their company.

Another option is to re-author your DVD and set the video bitrate so it will fit on a single layer DVD-5 (4.7GB).

For example, the free DVDStyler DVD authoring software lets you change the video bitrate. By changing the video bitrate you can put more than 126 minutes but quality will go down. 

In the DVDStyler help section  you can read "On one single layer DVD (4.7 GB) can be stored up to 126 minutes of video in good quality (Video bitrate ? 4.5 MB/s). If you selected 'Auto' as video quality in new-project dialog, it is also possible to put more than 126 minutes but quality of video will be automatically reduced."

Most likely, regardless of which DVD authoring software you use, there should be a way to adjust the video bitrate such that it will fit to a single layer DVD.  Otherwise, you'll have to split the discs up into two single layer DVDs.

TrepStar does not offer bluray either.  There is too much data.  Uploading, downloading and storing 25GB files is not something we find economically viable.

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