Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can I make a project with dvds and cds or audio cds combined (a mixed media type multi-disc set)?

1) create a project

2) change it to a dvd project by clicking the options button within the login area after you make the project.

3) Make it a multi-disc set by editing the project and clicking the link ("make this a multi disc set") near the burn files URL entry field. There is a link there that expands the project form.

4) Enter the urls for each disc.

5) You can choose the type of each disc in a multi-disc set. There are radio buttons that let you choose between audio cd, data cd, and dvd. These buttons are right next to the download URL for each discs burn files.

6) Save the project.

7) Click options and go through the packaging and setup steps to pick the correct packaging and options.

Making both a cd and dvd project combined.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Upload your files directly to our server.

Upload your cd or dvd files directly to the TrepStar account or our public FTP folder.

Create the ISO image file of your DVD

File Prepare and upload instructions

To see details, login to your account, edit a project, and look for the green file upload button. Click on it to see more information, or click here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My DVD is over 2GB. Can I upload it or do I have to send it in?

There is no need to send it in.  Upload it directly to the TrepStar Project.  Login, configure your project, go to the data file section, and use the green upload button to choose your large .zip or .iso file.  We have no file size limitations.

You need to create your .iso image first. Click for ISO instructions.

Upload the .iso file to your server, Amazon S3 or the TrepStar Public FTP folder

If you can not do that, or do not want to spend the time, just send us a copy of the disc. Click Here for Easy Setup Details  We charge $5.00 per disc for this CD/DVD setup (if you send us a copy of your disc).

Keys: size limit, file size, upload limit, iso, ftp,dvd

How do I cancel an order?

We can't cancel an order if we've already made the disc and printed postage. You have a limited time to modify orders once they are placed.

Login, click the recent orders button.  You will be able to modify orders if available.   If you see a modify button, that function is available.  If not, it's too late.

You may edit as long as we have not yet printed postage.  We print postage often during business hours, so please modify orders right away if you see mistakes.

How do we ship? By USPS, Fedex, UPS, DHL, or what?

We ship USPS first class, priority, and Priority-express mail only.   If one of your customers requires a different shipping method, please order the product to your site, and ship it to your customer from there.  Better yet, order a few of your products sent to you, then you'll have them on hand to send to customers for special cases.

Manual Processing fee for bad addresses submitted by you.

If you specify an incorrect address for a customer, we charge a fee to correct this. Normally, you are not contacted.

This may involve emailing the customer if you provided an email at order time.  We ask them to confirm their address.  We then fix the address and send the product. 

There two situations where this can happen.

1) We can't print postage because the address is too invalid. In this case, we notify the customer by email. If we can't contact them, we contact you. We charge a $1.50 fee for this.  Here are some of the things we do.

2) We get a returned package from the post office. In this case, we also notify the customer by email. If they reply with a new address, we reship the package. If not, we contact you. In this case, we submit a new order. In essence, you are billed twice for the shipment. We sent it twice, we paid postage twice etc.

REMEMBER:  If we did not offer this service, your customer would never get his product, be frustrated, and you would ultimately have to resend the product at full price after your customer contacted you.    This service saves you time and money and keeps your customer happy.

Refunds, returns, broken, cracked, never received, replacements policy


We do not offer refunds or the ability to delete or cancel an order unless it's on hold (no payment yet).

  • Modify Address: Also, you have about 1 hour to edit the basic address information once an order is placed.  You may have more than 1 hour if you've adjusted your publisher settings to hold postage for up to 10 hours.  You can not change quantity, shipping method, or country.  All of that would effect the cost of the order (billing issues).   The modify feature is for simple editing such as fixing a street address, zip code, or to add an apartment# etc.
  • Delete Orders: You may delete orders if they are on hold.  Also, you normally will see a delete button for orders placed within the last 15 minutes.   We delay manufacturing for 15 minutes to allow for this delete function.

To check on whether you can modify or delete an order, login to your account, and click the recent orders button near the top of the page. You will be able modify addresses from there.  If you do not see a modify (or delete) button, the feature has expired or is not available in that situation.

Breakage, Broken or damaged:

If the customer claims the package was damaged, or is never received, you'll have to order again at your cost.   Login and place a new wholesale order 'order - single address' button.  Breakage does occur from time to time.  This is a cost of doing business, and something you would encounter if you were doing the shipping and fulfillment yourself.   We profit very little per order so we can't afford to offer free replacements.  If we did offer free replacements for broken packages, our prices would just be higher to offset our costs.    We charge you as little as possible per order so you can calculate in the occasional broken package cost.   Instead of charging you a large percentage of your retail order price, we strive to keep your costs as low as possible, so any losses or breakage should be factored into your prices.   We normally ship single quantity orders in a bubble mailer or envelope depending on your product configuration.  Shipping cost is low for these types of mailers which actually makes them much cheaper than shipping in a box which may avoid some breakage but costs a lot more in postage (and cost of the box) over the long run.


If a customer refuses a package, or returns it to us, or the post office could not deliver for some reason, we notify you by email in case you want to offer them a refund or login to TrepStar and order again with a different address.

That email states:  "We do not offer credits for refunds or returns because manually handling returns such as this cost us much more in terms of time and labor costs than any profit we make on orders where no customer support is required.  Most of our competition does not even handle returns at all for this exact reason - they throw returned packages away, never notifying anyone.  In some cases we may keep a larger multi quantity order on hand for a few days.   Upon request, we may be able to ship this returned package  to a different address.  Reply to this email with the new address.  We charge about $4.00 plus postage for this non standard order handling.  We can only do this if we still have the package (normally only a day or two).   We are not setup to stock, warehouse, and deal with restocked inventory.  We manufacture on demand and do not warehouse product."

It takes much longer to open packages, look up the publisher, send you the email, deal with the reply emails etc. than it does to make and send it in the first place.  Most of what we charge you is postage and labor so the $1 or $2 in material value does not even cover the labor costs of handling the return.   We do not have facilities in place to warehouse, index, and keep track of returned packages.

Product Never Received:

When a customer replies to us by email that their package has not yet arrived, we check when it was sent and if it's within the most common worst case time-frame, we send them a "please be patient email". Many times, they reply to that email saying "...forget it, I just got the package..." 

Broken packages, or customers that complain the "disc doesn't work" are a normal cost of doing business when shipping cd and dvd products.  You can choose to refund, or resend to your customer based on your own return/refund policy.  We simply do the shipping for you at a low cost.

Please factor in return/refund/breakage costs.

What is the quality of the products we produce?

Our products look as good or better than retail.   We print full color to glossy discs.  The dvd or jewel case inserts are printed with high quality color laser print cut printers.   We use the same shrink wrap found in retail stores.

How long has been in business? How old are you? How many years in business? started in early 2002. This site can be reached using any of the following domains: cdDVDfulfillment produces, packages and ships custom CD and DVD media direct to customers worldwide. Our mission is to provide the highest quality "on demand" service at the lowest price in the industry. We reproduce digital media products including software on DVD, software on CD, music CDs, video DVDs, etc. and ship to our clients' customers daily.

How do i setup integration so my shopping cart can send orders to your site so I don't have to click the order button?

Most of the time, you can forward your customer sales email confirmations to

1) let us know you plan to do this by asking for this service (

2) Here are the details:

You can take greater control however.

Click Here to learn more about order automation

You can also:
1) creating a free account and project. 
2) when at the project list area, click the integration button. This shows you good information about integration.

Do you burn dual layer dvd discs?

No. As of 11/15/2010, we burn only single layer DVD-5 4.7GB DVDs

You can use a dvd copy software like DVD Cloner to

1) Split your DVD-9 (dual layer DVD) into two DVD-5 (single layer DVD)s.  You can then make a 2 dvd set on our site.  This saves you trouble of re-authoring your DVD


2) Compress your DVD-9 so it fits on a DVD-5 single layer DVD.  The DVD Cloner software allows you to choose the compression levels, and remove any extra features you may not want or need.  Compression does affect the video quality, so the final product is not exactly like your original.  Depending on the circumstance, this may be acceptable to you.

The reason burn on demand fulfillment companies do not use dual layer discs is because they are prone to error. If you really need your DVD-9 dual layer DVD disc replicated exactly, you need to search for a "dvd replicator".  Normally you would have to purchase 1000 units or more to make this cost effective (probably get the price down to $1.75 per unit that way).

duel, dual, layer

Does use CD-R, CD+R, DVD-R or DVD+R discs?

We use only cd-r and dvd-r discs.  They are the most compatible.  We use only the best blank media in the world (Japan Taiyo Yuden (JVC Brand)) .  It costs nearly 2-3 times as much as standard cheap blanks.

Taiyo Yuden/JVC brand is now CMC Pro  “Powered by TY Technology”.  CMC took over the TY technology and manufacturing process.  The same technology and quality standards are maintained with the new CMC Pro brand that we use.

What is the benefit of on demand, just in time, cd or dvd fulfillment?

You never have stale inventory because we only make them at order time.

You don't incur risk, upfront costs,inventory storage costs, or waste if you never sell the product.

Time to market is faster and easier. You setup your project online on your time schedule.

You can integrate our system from your shopping cart.

Artwork and graphics

You normally would provide the artwork that will be printed on the disc surface and/or the dvd case overwrap. For example, there are graphics you provide for the cd image itself, and for any dvd case overwrap graphic or printed insert. These would be in .jpg format.

We also provide artwork graphic templates with all pixel size and dimensions for you to start with.

Edit one of your projects. There are fields in the project edit form that allow you to specify the URL to your .jpg files. We also let you upload these files to our server.

keywords: designer, template, art, graphics, dimensions

What is your privacy policy regarding the information you get from the customers that order cds or dvds?

We never send unsolicited email to your customers.  We need to keep record of the customer, but we never contact them unless they ask us for help.  When we ship the cd, we offer our support email if they have problems with the disc.
Please see our Privacy Policy

Are there fees applied if we do not place any new orders for an extended period of time? Inactivity fees?

Please go here for the most current information about fees.

Inactivity, inactive,fees,project deletion,active

Are you set up to ship internationally? What countries do you ship to?

Yes.  We ship to anywhere in the world that the US postal service ships to.

We ship US Postal Service first class, priority, or Priority-express mail.

If your customer needs something shipped fedex, UPS, or another company, we suggest you order a few extra shipped to you in advance so you have them on hand.  That way, if a customer needs special shipping, you can send it to them directly.

We currently only ship using the post office.  Media rate shipping is lower cost than Fedex or UPS.

Friday, October 16, 2009

What is the size or time limit on audio cds?

Audio CD vs Data CD:

  • A true audio CD can be at most 79 minutes in total play time but you should try to keep it less than 74 minutes (see notes below). 
  • If your recordings are more minutes than that, either break them down into multiple disc sets or modify your project and make it a Data CD.  
  • It does not matter how large the files are. Audio CDs are limited by time, not file size.
  • A Data CD is not limited by total play time.  It's limited by file size only.  
  • For example, a Data CD of .mp3 files can play for hours in a computer, some car cd players, some game systems and some bluray or DVD players. The drawback is that a data cd is not going to play in an older CD player. A Data cd of mp3 or wav files can easily be imported into iTunes from your computer for example.

Audio CDs (This section is credited to guide:)

There are two main types of CDs that you can create with CD burning software: audio CDs and data CDs.
  • To ensure that you create a CD that will play anywhere it is important to choose Audio CD, not Data CD. A data CD containing for example MP3 or WAV files will play happily on your computer but is unlikely to play in a standalone CD player or in-car CD player (note that some modern CD players will play data CDs). An audio CD will play on any standalone or in-car CD player and in your computer and in modern DVD players.
Audio CDs do not have files or a file system like data CDs and other computer storage media, but consist essentially of a stream of bits on the disc in a single spiral "track" with a TOC (Table of Contents) index.
  • Audio CDs are generally limited to 74 minutes playing time on a 650 MB disc ("Red Book Standard") or 79 minutes on a 700 MB disc." 

In any case:  You should try to make your discs 74 minutes or less to be compatible with most cd players.  The problem is that some audio files can be burned to high capacity discs like ours, but the last track or the last part of a track might not fully play in all cd players.  To be most compatible, try to keep it under 74 minutes.  If we try to burn your audio cd and our system gives us an 'insufficient space' error, we'll have to inactivate the project and you'll have to edit down and shorten the disc, or add a 2nd disc to the set (split it up into another disc - we offer multi disc sets).

File Format: When you make your .WAV or .MP3 files, they must be in exactly the following format (there are no ranges or options).   Then, add them to the zip file in alphabetical order (we recommend you name your files with leading zeroes such as 01aaa.mp3, 02bbb.mp3, 10ddd.mp3, 11eee.mp3 so they sort properly). 

Audio CD players read in this format, thus you need to have your .wav or mp3 files in this format:
Audio Sample Rate: 16bit
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Audio Sample Rate: 44 khz
Bit Rate: 1411 kbps  (does not matter for .mp3, but we recommend 192 or higher)

Most newer dvd players, game systems (xbox, ps3), cd players, bluray players, car cd players can read mp3 data cds as audio. You can get hours of audio on an mp3 data cd.

keywords: music, band, audio, .wav, mp3, format

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How are your prices? Does your pricing compare to other fulfillment companies? (pricing comparison)

We are very price competitive.

We want you to shop the competition. Once you have, please consider this: The first few orders we get from a new customer cost us the most money. Why? Because there can be problems setting up the project. We have to manually approve the project and test the first discs made. This is often the time we need to field your customer support  email.

In other words, it costs us a lot to get a new client in terms of labor, support, setup, not to mention advertising and time spent making sure our site ranks well on the search engines.

We would go out of business if we were not price competitive. The last thing we want is to incur the cost of getting a new client (we lose money during this phase), just to have them leave for our competition if they were to find out our prices were too high.

To keep our customers, we offer the lowest prices, with very high quality manufacturing as well as good customer support. It's hard to find this combination. This is how we keep you so we can eventually make money on volume over time. We don't ever want to give you any reason to leave us!

See our pricing page

What about dvd authoring? Do you help me set up my dvd content? Can you take my video and add it to a dvd?

Yes we offer a basic DVD authoring service.   Here here to learn more about DVD Authoring and our service:

How can I print a barcode (bar code) on my package?

1) You need to create a barcode by purchasing a legitimate unique code from either the governments GS1 site, or from 3rd party sites that sell bar codes.

2) You will have the bar code artwork generated and you copy/paste that onto your package artwork. 

How to I integrate (automate) my shopping cart with cdDVDfulfillment ?

Learn about integration by Clicking Here

1) creating a free account and project. 
2) when at the project list area, click the integration button.  This shows you good information about integration.  Finally, for an example written in ASP, look here:

Why can't I upload my files to your server? Can cd-fulfillment host my files?

You may upload your cd or dvd content up to 700MB per disc to the trepstar project directly.  If you have large dvd files, use our free public ftp upload site

Login to your account, edit your project, and see the new upload buttons for details.

If you send us your files, we can host them, but there is a  $5.00 setup fee per disc.

In most cases, users prepare your files, upload them to their web server, and specify the URL to those files from within the cd/dvd project.

How do I change my package and/or packaging and shipping options?

Sign into your account.  After you've created a project, and saved it, click the options button.

Can customers track their shipment during shipping? Tracking codes

If you order via priority or Priority-express, or rtrackstandard (standard with delivery confirmation -- only for bubble mailers/parcels), and include the customers email, we automatically send them tracking information via email when the order is processed.  Standard first class mail does not currently have tracking.  That is partly why it's so inexpensive.  Remember, UPS or Fedex charges 15.00 or more for any package (which of course includes tracking).  Your most economical method for sending a package with tracking is USPS priority mail (about 6 dollars).

Do you ship via UPS, Fedex, DHL, or other?

No, but we do ship to anywhere in the world.  We ship US Postal Service first class, priority, or Priority-express mail.  If your customer needs something shipped fedex, UPS, or another company, we suggest you order a few extra shipped to you so you have them on hand.  That way, if a customer needs special shipping, you can send it to them directly.  If you require fedex, ups, or any other shipping method, there is a $25.00 charge plus actual postage (we have to bring it in to the store ourselves).

If I want a sample, do I need to upload the files for my cd or dvd?

For example, people have asked "...would be possible to create a project without burning the DVD itself? What I need is the DVD case with a design I have created, and the printing on the DVD. The DVD would be completely empty (with no data)."

We suggest creating a small .zip file with one small file in it.  Upload that file.  We must have a file to approve the project.

We do not offer the service of providing printed discs with no data on them.

Do you download the files for each order?

No.  We download the files only when necessary.  This usually means once.  Once we approve your project, order one for yourself.  This will force the download.  Once you receive the product, and it's correct, there should be no reason for us to download it.  You can remove the files from your server at that point.  If for some reason we need to download again, and the files are not there, your project will be marked inactive, you will be sent an email, and you'll have to make the links available again.  No one will find your download files since we do not publish them. 

Do you offer Jewel Cases as a packaging option?

Yes, for single disc sets.  For multi disc sets, use our multi disc dvd/cd amaray cases.  However, for single disc sets, choose between a standard jewel case or a standard dvd case (amaray)

Do you offer your own E-store or payment buttons or shopping cart that we can use on our site?

Not at this time (10/15/2009).  We plan to add this feature by the end of 2009.

Is it possible to print custom software registration key for each customer?


From within your account, click the order button.  The special text area is where you can send custom messages on a per order basis.

Also, both integration methods (email or server call) allow you to specify customer specific information in the specialtext field.

unlock key, registration code

How long would I advertise that my customer should receive their cd/dvd shipment? How many days does it take to ship?

We tell users 7-10 days.  However, for addresses within the United States, 4 business days is usually enough.  For international mail, up to two weeks is necessary some times.
If a customer asks, we reply to them by email.  Depending on how long they have waited, we either send them a "please be patient" email, or assume it's lost and resend them one again (no cost to you).

Music or Audio CDs (mp3 wav files format)

A data cd can contain any kind of file, wav, mp3, or documents (.pdf for example).  However, if you want the music to play in any cd player (like the car), you only include mp3 or wav files in your zip file which we extract, and then burn as a music cd which is a special format. 

If you need files other than .wav or .mp3, then you need to make a data cd which will NOT play in any cd player (but will play in computers).

To do this, click the Add button to create a project.  The default is a data cd.  Then click the Options button.  This wll give you disc options as well as package and printed graphics options.

If you decide to make an audio cd, you will either send us a copy of your working disc, or make a zip file of mp3 or wav files.    WAV or MP3 tracks created must be in the following format before adding them to the zip file: 

Your files must be in exactly this format (there are no ranges or options).   Then, add them to the zip file in alphabetical order (we recommend you name your files with leading zeroes such as 01aaa.mp3, 02bbb.mp3, 10ddd.mp3, 11eee.mp3 so they sort properly).  

Audio Sample Rate: 16bit
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Audio Sample Rate: 44 khz
Bit Rate: 1411 kbps

See our Audio CD Video.

Audio CD,CDs, wav,mp3, format

Do you have any client testimonials from your customers?

Yes!  We list a few on our Testimonials page.

Multi Disc Sets

How do I make a multi-disc set?
Check out our multi-disc set video.

How fast do you ship after I order? If I sign up today, how long does it take before I can order?

Once your project is approved, and you order, we ship the next day, or day after that depending on what time of day you order.  Click here for turn around time, shipping estimates, and refund policy.  We do not ship on weekends.  We give priority to orders that selected the priority or Priority-express mailing method.

If you are setting up your TrepStar project today, and upload all of the required files and artwork, we will approve your project within 12 hours.  Then, you will be notified by email and you can order a copy.  There may be problems with the burn.  If so, you will be notified.  Once things work ok, we ship the next day.    This means if you start your project on a Monday morning, you could probably order a test copy as early as Tuesday.  It will be in the mail on Wed/Thursday, and you'll get it in a few days after that depending if you ship standard, priority, or express.

keys: turnaround time, rush manufacture, turn around

Can I order a sample of your work?

The best way to do this is to setup your free account, setup a free project, and order one to yourself. 

If you don't have the time, and simply want to see something that came from our system,  try one of our customers and order Popup Killer software and be sure to choose the cd option.

If I wanted to start today, I would not have to pay anything up front?

Please go here for the most current information about fees.

fees, setup fees, minimums

What is your billing cycle (what day of the month are we billed)? How does billing work? When do we pay you? Do I have to pay in advance?

We have two ways of using TrepStar (Wholesale or Retail).   The billing process is different for each method

1) Wholesale method: If you have a shopping cart, you are collecting money from your customer and from there, you need to submit customer order data to our system either by filling out our order form or by using our order automation.  

This process uses our "Wholesale" order system.  You pay us just for what you order and pay a low wholesale price.  You are charging retail prices to your customers.

To pay TrepStar, first order product which goes "on hold".  Then, there will be a "Pay Bill" button.  From there, you enter credit card or paypal information to pay us what you owe.   Once you get used to our system, you can pay extra.  In other words, if you know you order about $100 worth of TrepStar product each week, the next time you pay a TrepStar bill, pay what you own PLUS and extra $100.  This way, you don't have to pay for each order.   The next time orders come in, you'll have a positive balance so the order will not be on hold and will be produced and shipped right away.  When you run out of funds, order start to go back on hold again.  You can pay as much extra as you want.  

We don't automatically bill your credit card for each order because we pay transaction fees each time a card is billed so we prefer large payments.  

2) Retail method: If you don't have a shopping cart you can use our retail order buy now buttons.  This "Retail Order" system lets you place our buy now buttons on your site.  When they are clicked by your customer, they are directed to our purchase page where they select product, enter their shipping address, and pay by credit card or paypal.  We produce and ship your product at order time.   Then, we pay you the net proceeds since we collect the money.  Please look this over.

Will you be redistributing or selling any of our uploaded material in your product catalogs?

No.  We own none of your material and will not sell or distribute it.  We may print a testimonial from you on our site with your permission.  We may list you on our customer page with your permission.  We may publish a photo or graphic of your product on the website.

How do we upload files to cdDVDfulfillment?

In most cases you take the files that are to go on the cd or dvd and zip them up (  You may also make a DVD .iso image file (does not need to be zipped up).

Click here for a video about ISO file creation

Once you have that zip file, or maybe your DVD .iso file, you upload that to your web server, the free public FTP folder, or the TrepStar Project.

Upload your artwork .jpg files directly to the TrepStar project. Do this for the graphic that's to be printed on the disc and any other printed graphics (such as dvd amaray case overwrap, or cd case 2 panel or back tray images.  .JPG only)

From within the project management area ( you then specify the download url to your files (such as  or .iso etc.).

Once your project is approved, you may click the order button to create a new order. At that time, we download the files (usually only once) and burn them to the disc.

Here are more details about file and upload specifications: Burn Files Instructions

Setup Charges CDDVDFulfillment setup charges:

Click Here for more information about pricing.

Click Here for the most current information about fees.

DVD format (dvd-r vs dvd+r)

First of all, we use only the highest quality DVD-R blank media to be compatible with most dvd players. However, even this means some users will NOT be able to play the dvd in every situation. DVD-R is compatible with approximately 99.5% of all dvd players, but of course this means 1 of 200 people may complain the dvd "won't play".

Make sure you inform your customer during the order process that they need a dvd player that can read DVD-R format and to have them check their owner's manual.

If your customer is having trouble, have them look for compatibility by clicking here.

Here is more detailed information on DVD formats in a great article from
Check out our pricing page: Pricing

How do I author a DVD?

For information on DVD Authoring, click here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


If you produce, or want to produce physical cds or dvds and have them sent to your individual customers, you need a manufacturing and fulfillment company. cdDVDfulfillment  is one of those companies.

Here are some common terms that may help you sort out whether you need a company like or not.

1) Do you want 500-1000 cds or dvds sent to you so you can distribute them to people yourself? If so, you want to look for a duplication company. Google "cd duplication" for example. Duplicators burn the discs. The cost is more than if you needed 1000 or more, but the real cost with short run or small run jobs like this is the setup time. You're not paying so much for the actual cost of the materials, but more for the time/effort it takes to setup short run projects.

2) Do you want 1000 or more sent to you? If so, google "dvd replication". You really start to save if you need thousands or more. Replication is a word used to describe taking a master, making a glass master, and making lots and lots of copies. It takes several hours to setup the replication process. They use very expensive machines to do this (up to a million dollars each). Your unit cost really goes down when you need over 5000 units. Basically, you're paying a fixed cost for setup. After that, it costs virtually nothing to make that next 1000 units. For example, it may only cost 25 cents per disc in actual material costs including the dye printed on the disc surface etc. With each of these methods, what you are paying most for is labor.

3) Do have several titles, or only sell a few per day or week, and plan to send them to individual customers? If so, this is called just in time, or on demand cd or dvd fulfillment. There are plenty of fulfillment companies that can take any product you produce, take orders, and send them (fulfill the order) to your individual customers. Many of these fulfillment companies need you to make the product, and have it sent to them for warehousing. This costs you time and money (you'll have to either duplicate - 1000 or less, or replicate -1000 or more) and send them to the fulfillment company.

What's different about us, is we actually make them for you as well. In other words, we make your cd or dvd on demand, at order time, and send them to your individual customers that day (or next day if it's late in the day). You don't need to worry about having stale inventory, or dealing with the hassle of making and shipping product.

To setup a project, you fill out a form on our site. You include information like your product title, and specify the files we will burn on the disc, as well as the graphics we print to the disc and/or dvd case etc.

When you're ready to take an order, you click the order button, fill out customer information, and submit. We then burn your files to the disc, print postage, package it up, and send it out. We can help you automate this as well so you don't even have to fill out customer information.

Our process is very automated, and gives you full control of what is burned. If something changes with your product, you can simply upload the changed files, and the next order that goes through gets the updated files!

If this is what you're looking for, visit to day and create a FREE account. We've been in business since 2002.  We shop our competition to ensure we have the lowest (or very similar) pricing.

We want you to shop the competition. Once you have, please consider this: The first few orders we get from a new customer cost us the most money. Why? Because there can be problems setting up the project, or customer support  email. In other words, it costs us a lot to get a new client in terms of labor, support, setup etc. We HAVE to be price competitive because the last thing we want is to incur the cost of getting a new client, just to have them leave for our competition if they were to find out our prices were too high. We would be out of business if we could not keep our customers happy. The way to do that is by good customer support when new customers sign up, and making sure we have the highest quality, best shipping, and lowest price so our current customers never have a reason to leave us!

Pricing Questions, fees, setup charges.

For pricing Information, the best thing to do is look at our pricing page.

What you want to do is create an account, add a project, and click the options button.  Go through that setup wizard.  This lets you pick options and see exact pricing for those options.

Do you want to keep things simple and just send us a copy of your cd or dvd for setup?  We charge only $5.00 for this service.  Save yourself a lot of time and hassle Easy CD/DVD self publishing Project Setup

Click here, for current information on fees and minimums.

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FAQ Help & Search
We produce your CD/DVD/USB Flash drive at order time.
These "On Demand", "Just in Time", "one off", "short run", CDs or DVDs or USB thumb drive products will be mailed directly to your customers (normally the next business day), in any quantity, and shipped to anywhere in the world with a USPS address.