Sunday, September 16, 2018

Createspace DVD/CD Production is Shutting Down. Moving Accounts to Amazon Media on Demand

It looks as if Createspace is closing down.  Amazon seems to be moving all parts of that business to Amazon Media on Demand.

However, if you used Createspace to order non retail lower cost "wholesale" copies of your CD or DVDs to your address or drop ship them to your other suppliers, it looks like you will not be able to do that with Amazon Media on Demand.

Amazon Media on Demand will let you sell your titles at retail prices, but if you need to order one or many copies to any other address at cost, you can't do that anymore.  This feature of Createspace was useful when you needed extra copies of your product at fairly low prices. CD/DVD/USB on-demand fulfillment service has received several inquiries about this.  Several Createspace customers are moving their CD/DVD titles to TrepStar since our prices are quite low compared to Createspace and TrepStar does not limit how you order your product.   You can still sell your titles on Amazon Media on Demand, but if you need extra copies, or want to sell your titles outside of Amazon, create duplicate projects on so you can order them when you like (at much lower cost). also offers USB on demand since many computers no longer even have CD/DVD drives.  If your CD or DVD is often used on your customers' computer, consider offering a USB title.

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