Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How do I make and exact copy of my Audio CD.

This is a confusing topic.  If you have an audio CD mastered just the way you like it, and you want us to copy it exactly, you need to mail it to us so we can make a proper image file of the disc.  Learn More about our easy setup

If you're not concerned about making an exact copy, but just want it to work on audio cd players (which will also work on all computers, all car cd players, and most dvd players), you can simply zip up your .mp3 or .wav files and use that to make the disc.  This works perfectly well, but some people want to have an exact copy to preserve cd-text information already burned on their original cd master.  If you do not know what this is, you probably don't need to make an exact cd copy.  To learn more about setting up your basic project for audio cds, look at our video Audio CDs (on trepstar.com)

To make an exact CD copy:

1) Mail it to us.  We charge a one time  $5.00 per disc setup charge.  Learn More about our $5.00 easy setup

Note: .gi files are for audio cds.  .iso files are for DVDs or Data CDs that are not audio cds.
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