Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Press Release: Lower Prices

As of April of 2017, we've recently lowered prices across the board.  We've matched prices so dvds are now the same price as cds (dvds used to cost more).  Also, we've really lowered prices for multi-quantity orders.  Historically, our business has been focused on clients that need 1 item (quantity = 1) shipped to their individual customers at order time.  We realize you sometimes need a larger quantity (maybe you need to order 50 units for a reseller).   Our prices have NOT been very good in those situations.  We now offer the low per unit cost regardless of quantity instead of charging a fulfillment fee for each item in the order (this means it's about $2.00 less for each item you order).

If you need 500 or more units, you could find a better price out there, but our goal is still to provide the lowest cost at any quantity, especially if you're only ordering a single item sent to a single customer.

It's hard to keep prices this low.  Word of mouth advertising really helps to get new clients to our site which will keep us doing this for years to come.

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