Thursday, December 1, 2011

Autorun.inf for data cd/dvd

Do you have a data cd or dvd and want a certain file to run when the disc is placed in the cd/dvd drive?
  • There is a special case for software data cds (or dvds). 
  • Data cd/dvd makers (software makers etc): This is how to make and Autorun.inf if you prefer to do it yourself.  This file would be at the root of your disc data content (or .zip file).
  • To make an autorun.inf file, open notepad, and place the two lines


    Then save this file as autorun.inf  This file is saved at the root of the cd/dvd (not in a subfolder)
If making a .zip file that will "auto run", the zip file should have your autorun.inf file and your setup.exe file at the root of the .zip file.  If you put your autorun.inf in a subfolder, it will not work.  When we unzip a file to burn to a disc, we unzip the exact directory structure so make sure you select the files and subfolders only.  Many publishers click the folder that contains all their files and zip that up.  That will end up creating a zip file, that when expanded, has one folder at the root, with all of your content in that folder, which does not work the way you expected.

If you burn all your files to a test cd/dvd and you've correctly written the autorun.inf file, the file you named in the OPEN variable should start when the disc is placed in your drive.

You can specify files other than an .exe file such as a web page like Open=explorer.exe startup.htm

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