Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Set your default shipping method

You may now set your default shipping method which affects the order form, and any PayPal or shopping cart integrations (eJunkie or 1ShoppingCart).

Some publishers like to always ship with delivery confirmation.  Others like standard shipping only.  Some prefer to always ship priority.   You can edit your publisher settings so the order form defaults to this shipping method so you don't have to set it each time you order.   You can always change this on the order form for special cases.

In addition, if you use PayPal or eBay order automation, or use eJunkie, 1Shopping cart, we will use this default setting if your shopping cart or PayPal does not specifically tell us which shipping method to use.   For example, if you do nothing, the PayPal IPN data contains the shipping method "Default".   Once you set your TrepStar default shipping method, we will use that for the default shipping method.

Login to TrepStar, click the edit button near the top to edit your publisher settings.

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