Friday, December 23, 2016

Upload your large DVD iso or zip files to Amazon S3

TrepStar does enable you to upload any of your files directly to the TrepStar project or to our free TrepStar FTP folder, but if your files are already in the cloud, or if you would rather have more control, use AmazonS3.

Using Amazon S3 simple storage:

Click HERE to see a our video explains how you use Amazon S3, and how you make your .iso or zip file public and link it to your TrepStar project:

  • There will be exactly one file per TrepStar project disc.  Here is some more information on preparing files.  
  • Locate your  iso (or zip)  file on AmazonS3 (I'm assuming iso or zip file).  \
  • Right-click on it and "Make Public".
  • Right-click on it again to get "properties". 
  • You should see the public URL which will look something like. 
  • Right-click on that URL and choose copy link location.
  • In another browser window/tab, open your TrepStar project.
  • Scroll down to the "Data burned to disc" section and right-click paste that URL into the form.  Scroll down to save the form.

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