Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do you make bluray (or Blu-Ray) dvds?

We do not produce blu-ray (Blu-ray) dvds.  We have no plans for it.   The data storage, blank media, and time to burn make it too expensive to consider.    For HD video, consider our USB flash drive on demand service.


  1. So... it is 2014. :-) Do you do Blu-rays? I need an on-demand BD fulfillment house. The only one I can find is in the UK. While they will ship to the USA, the shipping makes it cost prohibitive. This could be a real market for you guys - you'd be first mover in the USA. (

  2. We would do bluray but the process is very buggy so our support costs would be high and quality low. The burnable bluray technology is not ready yet.

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