Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Refresh your project

Refresh your project to make sure we get the latest version of your files.

After changing your project, click the refresh button.  Normally, our system catches your changes and the refresh is automatic, but just to be safe, you're allowed to refresh the project yourself.  This causes us to delete all local files and download them all again.  Normally, if a small item changes in your project, we do automatically download that changed file.  However, in this case it may not have worked properly, or perhaps we had extra discs or artwork left over from when we tested the project.

It is NOT a good idea to change an old project dramatically into a completely different project. It is much better to create a copy, or new project, then delete the old project.  If the refresh process does not work properly, or we had extra stock on hand from previous orders, that product will ship first.  Normally, we make exactly what we need to ship, but sometimes we make extra which we use for the next order.  If you dramatically change your project, we may end up sending the old project disc/artwork to a new customer. 

Modifying a project is NOT the way to change to a completely different new project.  It's meant as a way to update changes to the SAME project.

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