Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why does my master audio cd copy work on all my CD players (even those in my computer or car) but the manufactured discs work on my PC and on only some of my cd players and not in my car?

To make an exact copy of your audio cd, you would have had to send it to us  for setup where we make an exact copy.

If you just copied mp3 files or wav files into a zip file, and your trepstar.com project is set as a data cd project, it's not made as a true audio cd.   Computers and modern cd players, car cd players, and even dvd players and game systems like ps3 or xbox 350 will correctly interpret your mp3 and wav files as music and play them because they are "smart" enough to read them as data cds..  However, only a true audio CD format can be read in all cd players (from the past when mp3 files were not even invented yet).  There are numerous software programs like NERO (google it)  that will help you master an audio CD.
Here is a video about audio cd preparation.

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