Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why does the DVD play on some DVD players and not on others?

There are a few reasons:

1  Some older DVD players will not play duplicated DVDs or not play DVD-R media (which is what we use).  This might occur 1/2% of the time (1 on 200 dvd players) as of 4/12/2011 when this article was written.   As time goes by, less and less dvd players have this issue.

2) Your DVD must be authored properly and not include any extra folders or files such as pdf, text, or other content.  Your master dvd may have played in YOUR dvd player at home, or on a computer but that does NOT mean it's truly compatible with ALL dvd players.   Learn more about  "dvd authoring".

3) The total  max combined bit rate should not exceed 6.4 megabits per second.

4) Some dvd players can not properly reproduce MPEG audio.  Its best to author your DVD using Dolby Digital (AC-3).

5) In some countries the video format is PAL and in others it is NTSC.  Make sure you author a DVD for both regions, or remove region coding (google it) when you author your dvd

If you sent us your disc for import/setup, we make an exact image file of what you sent us.  If you did not carefully verify and test your disc, or used cheap blank media, our system has no choice but to duplicate any flaws on the disc.  It's up to you to test what you send us and what we produce and send to you before you order lots of quantity for other people.

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