Friday, August 31, 2018

Why are my cd track names not showing up in windows media player or iTunes

When you master your audio cd, some track title and other CDTEXT (cd text) data can be burned to the physical audio cd.   IF you mail us this CD for duplication, we copy that CD Text.  Go here for those instructions.

Look here for more details about CD Text

However, not all software or hardware will read or display that CD Text.  For example, the CD Text may get displayed in car CD players or home CD player (if they have a display).  You don't have full control over what is shown (sometimes titles are truncated, or in lower case etc.)

Most computer software that reads your audio CD will compare it to an online database.  It compares parts of a few tracks to identify that CD.  There may be a lot more  information about that audio CD than can be stored in CD Text, and many times, the actual CD Text burned onto the disc is ignored and not displayed even if it's encoded on the physical disc.

Windows Media player, and iTunes normally use lookup databases and often will not even display the CD Text even for discs that it can not find in the database.   It does appear that VLC media player will read and display the CD Text.

There is a very good article that describes all of this here

You should consider submitting your Audio CD to the online databases. Many different media players use different databases – Itunes uses Gracenote. Windows Media Player uses AllMusic.

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