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Refunds, returns, broken, cracked, never received, replacements policy


We do not offer refunds or the ability to delete or cancel an order unless it's on hold (no payment yet).

  • Modify Address: Also, you have about 1 hour to edit the basic address information once an order is placed.  You may have more than 1 hour if you've adjusted your publisher settings to hold postage for up to 10 hours.  You can not change quantity, shipping method, or country.  All of that would effect the cost of the order (billing issues).   The modify feature is for simple editing such as fixing a street address, zip code, or to add an apartment# etc.
  • Delete Orders: You may delete orders if they are on hold.  Also, you normally will see a delete button for orders placed within the last 15 minutes.   We delay manufacturing for 15 minutes to allow for this delete function.

To check on whether you can modify or delete an order, login to your account, and click the recent orders button near the top of the page. You will be able modify addresses from there.  If you do not see a modify (or delete) button, the feature has expired or is not available in that situation.

Breakage, Broken or damaged:

If the customer claims the package was damaged, or is never received, you'll have to order again at your cost.   Login and place a new wholesale order 'order - single address' button.  Breakage does occur from time to time.  This is a cost of doing business, and something you would encounter if you were doing the shipping and fulfillment yourself.   We profit very little per order so we can't afford to offer free replacements.  If we did offer free replacements for broken packages, our prices would just be higher to offset our costs.    We charge you as little as possible per order so you can calculate in the occasional broken package cost.   Instead of charging you a large percentage of your retail order price, we strive to keep your costs as low as possible, so any losses or breakage should be factored into your prices.   We normally ship single quantity orders in a bubble mailer or envelope depending on your product configuration.  Shipping cost is low for these types of mailers which actually makes them much cheaper than shipping in a box which may avoid some breakage but costs a lot more in postage (and cost of the box) over the long run.


If a customer refuses a package, or returns it to us, or the post office could not deliver for some reason, we notify you by email in case you want to offer them a refund or login to TrepStar and order again with a different address.

That email states:  "We do not offer credits for refunds or returns because manually handling returns such as this cost us much more in terms of time and labor costs than any profit we make on orders where no customer support is required.  Most of our competition does not even handle returns at all for this exact reason - they throw returned packages away, never notifying anyone.  In some cases we may keep a larger multi quantity order on hand for a few days.   Upon request, we may be able to ship this returned package  to a different address.  Reply to this email with the new address.  We charge about $4.00 plus postage for this non standard order handling.  We can only do this if we still have the package (normally only a day or two).   We are not setup to stock, warehouse, and deal with restocked inventory.  We manufacture on demand and do not warehouse product."

It takes much longer to open packages, look up the publisher, send you the email, deal with the reply emails etc. than it does to make and send it in the first place.  Most of what we charge you is postage and labor so the $1 or $2 in material value does not even cover the labor costs of handling the return.   We do not have facilities in place to warehouse, index, and keep track of returned packages.

Product Never Received:

When a customer replies to us by email that their package has not yet arrived, we check when it was sent and if it's within the most common worst case time-frame, we send them a "please be patient email". Many times, they reply to that email saying "...forget it, I just got the package..." 

Broken packages, or customers that complain the "disc doesn't work" are a normal cost of doing business when shipping cd and dvd products.  You can choose to refund, or resend to your customer based on your own return/refund policy.  We simply do the shipping for you at a low cost.

Please factor in return/refund/breakage costs.

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