Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How are your prices? Does your pricing compare to other fulfillment companies? (pricing comparison)

We are very price competitive.

We want you to shop the competition. Once you have, please consider this: The first few orders we get from a new customer cost us the most money. Why? Because there can be problems setting up the project. We have to manually approve the project and test the first discs made. This is often the time we need to field your customer support  email.

In other words, it costs us a lot to get a new client in terms of labor, support, setup, not to mention advertising and time spent making sure our site ranks well on the search engines.

We would go out of business if we were not price competitive. The last thing we want is to incur the cost of getting a new client (we lose money during this phase), just to have them leave for our competition if they were to find out our prices were too high.

To keep our customers, we offer the lowest prices, with very high quality manufacturing as well as good customer support. It's hard to find this combination. This is how we keep you so we can eventually make money on volume over time. We don't ever want to give you any reason to leave us!

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