Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is your billing cycle (what day of the month are we billed)? How does billing work? When do we pay you? Do I have to pay in advance?

We have two ways of using TrepStar (Wholesale or Retail).   The billing process is different for each method

1) Wholesale method: If you have a shopping cart, you are collecting money from your customer and from there, you need to submit customer order data to our system either by filling out our order form or by using our order automation.  

This process uses our "Wholesale" order system.  You pay us just for what you order and pay a low wholesale price.  You are charging retail prices to your customers.

To pay TrepStar, first order product which goes "on hold".  Then, there will be a "Pay Bill" button.  From there, you enter credit card or paypal information to pay us what you owe.   Once you get used to our system, you can pay extra.  In other words, if you know you order about $100 worth of TrepStar product each week, the next time you pay a TrepStar bill, pay what you own PLUS and extra $100.  This way, you don't have to pay for each order.   The next time orders come in, you'll have a positive balance so the order will not be on hold and will be produced and shipped right away.  When you run out of funds, order start to go back on hold again.  You can pay as much extra as you want.  

We don't automatically bill your credit card for each order because we pay transaction fees each time a card is billed so we prefer large payments.  

2) Retail method: If you don't have a shopping cart you can use our retail order buy now buttons.  This "Retail Order" system lets you place our buy now buttons on your site.  When they are clicked by your customer, they are directed to our purchase page where they select product, enter their shipping address, and pay by credit card or paypal.  We produce and ship your product at order time.   Then, we pay you the net proceeds since we collect the money.  Please look this over.

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