Saturday, October 17, 2009

Manual Processing fee for bad addresses submitted by you.

If you specify an incorrect address for a customer, we charge a fee to correct this. Normally, you are not contacted.

This may involve emailing the customer if you provided an email at order time.  We ask them to confirm their address.  We then fix the address and send the product. 

There two situations where this can happen.

1) We can't print postage because the address is too invalid. In this case, we notify the customer by email. If we can't contact them, we contact you. We charge a $1.50 fee for this.  Here are some of the things we do.

2) We get a returned package from the post office. In this case, we also notify the customer by email. If they reply with a new address, we reship the package. If not, we contact you. In this case, we submit a new order. In essence, you are billed twice for the shipment. We sent it twice, we paid postage twice etc.

REMEMBER:  If we did not offer this service, your customer would never get his product, be frustrated, and you would ultimately have to resend the product at full price after your customer contacted you.    This service saves you time and money and keeps your customer happy.

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