Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music or Audio CDs (mp3 wav files format)

A data cd can contain any kind of file, wav, mp3, or documents (.pdf for example).  However, if you want the music to play in any cd player (like the car), you only include mp3 or wav files in your zip file which we extract, and then burn as a music cd which is a special format. 

If you need files other than .wav or .mp3, then you need to make a data cd which will NOT play in any cd player (but will play in computers).

To do this, click the Add button to create a project.  The default is a data cd.  Then click the Options button.  This wll give you disc options as well as package and printed graphics options.

If you decide to make an audio cd, you will either send us a copy of your working disc, or make a zip file of mp3 or wav files.    WAV or MP3 tracks created must be in the following format before adding them to the zip file: 

Your files must be in exactly this format (there are no ranges or options).   Then, add them to the zip file in alphabetical order (we recommend you name your files with leading zeroes such as 01aaa.mp3, 02bbb.mp3, 10ddd.mp3, 11eee.mp3 so they sort properly).  

Audio Sample Rate: 16bit
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Audio Sample Rate: 44 khz
Bit Rate: 1411 kbps

See our Audio CD Video.

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